AI-based Next-generation
Cybersecurity Platform

※ DTI(Deep Threat IntelligenceTM)

The world's first global AI technology capable
of detecting abnormal behavior
not only in IT network but also in OT network

Implementing the dynamically adaptive defense system

against evolving global security threats !

CTILab will deliver
the global innovative technology for the realization of the SOAR system

Gartner Emerging Technology(May 23)
  • Emerging Technology
  • :   Security - Emergence Cycle
  •     for Automated Moving Target Defense
  • ML-Based Playbook Generation(MLPG)
  • ML-Based Network Threat Detection(MLNTD)

Designated ‘2021 Excellent Cybersecurity Technology’
by the Ministry of Science and ICT
"The world’s first AI-based next-generation convergence
cyber threat detection technology"

The world’s first AI-based

next-generation convergence cybersecurity
platform, DTI

An AI-based security platform that can detect unknown threats and
abnormal behavior both in OT Network such as SCADA / ICS and in IT network
    1. IT Network
      • General Internet Network
             (TCP/IP Standard)
    1. OT Network
      • Absence of standardized
      • National disaster may occur
             if security or failure accidents
             occur in state-based
             infrastructure area such as
Secure optimized Detection and Response
Provide the total visibility of cyber threat
      • XAI(eXplainable AI)
      • Visualize the evidence on why AI judged it to be a specific threat
      • Increase credibility of AI model and traceability of threat by explaining the AI’s judgement clearly
      • Improve the speed of immediate response to threats
      • AutoProfiling   
      • Automatic classification of threats by attribute after detecting cyber threats with auto-generated and applicable AI model variables (accuracy improved by more than 98%)
      • AI-automatic operations enable to operate the latest model all the time
      • Enable to efficiently manage employees on routine-based work
      • Threat Scoring   
      • Quantify the degrees of cybersecurity risks considering global threat indicators & threat levels/attributes
      • Differenciated process that has quick response to high risk cyber threats can be secured


The unique strengths of platform


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